Scout Association

Appointment requirements: Must successfully complete the appointment process (including acceptable personal enquiries and acceptance of The Scout Association’s policies).

The responsibilities of the Chair:
– Objectively and impartially chairing and facilitating Executive Committee meetings
– Acting as the Chair of the relevant Scout Council
– Planning the annual cycle of Executive Committee meetings and setting the agenda for Executive Committee meetings
– Monitoring that decisions and actions agreed at Executive Committee meetings are implemented
– Working closely with the GSL / relevant Commissioner to ensure there are long term and short term goals and the role the Executive Committee can play in helping to achieve these
– Providing direction for the Executive Committee
– Ensuring that all members of the Executive Committee have been briefed and inducted into their roles, receive appropriate training, and are aware of their status as charity trustees
– Addressing and resolving conflicts that arise
– Membership and attendance of any working groups or Sub-Committees set up by the Executive Committee, where appropriate
– For District and County/Area/Regional Chairman, acting as the final appeal point for appointment disagreements between the Appointments Advisory Committee and District or County/Area/Region Commissioner

General Executive Committee responsibilities:
– To be a full and active participant in Executive Committee meetings and activities
– To uphold the responsibilities of an Executive Committee as outlined in The Scout Association’s Policy Organisation and Rules
– Willingness and eligibility to act as a Charity Trustee for the Group, District or County/Area/Region*
– Contribute to the strategic aims and future development of the Group, District or County/Area/Region
– An understanding of their own role, and the role of others on the Executive Committee
– Understanding of own role, and role of others on the Executive Committee

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