Executive Committee Member

Scout Association (Humberside)

Appointment Requirements:

Must successfully complete the appointment process (including acceptable personal enquiries and acceptance of The Scout Association’s policies)

– To be full and active participant in Executive Committee meetings and activities
– To uphold the responsibilities of an Executive Committee as outlined in The Scout Association’s Policy Organisation and Rules
– Willingness and eligibility to act as a Charity Trustee for the Group, District or County/Area/Region*
– Contirbute to the strategic aims and future development of the Group, District or County/Area/Region
– An understanding of their own role, and the role of others on the Executive Committee
– A commitment to understanding and forming opinions on the key discussion points and responsiblities of the Executive Committee
– Willingness to complete various tasks which support the work of the Executive Committee and the aims of the Group, District or County/Area/Region.

*Terms of Eligibility for Charity Trustee can be found in The Scout Association’s Policy, Organisation and Rules; or by contacting the Charity Commission for England and Wales, the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland, or the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.

To apply for this job please visit do-it.org.