BAM (Bridlington)

Bridlington Alphabet Mafia (BAM) is a new LGBTQI+ Youth Group for those aged 11-17 years.

The aim of Bridlington Alphabet Mafia (BAM) is to provide an opportunity to meet others of a similar age, to hang out and to meet new friends. Coming Out can be a difficult and stressful process. ‘Questioning’ is a term used to describe people who are becoming aware of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity and are uncertain what this means in terms of their identity and relationships. This usually happens in teenage years, and because our society sometimes excludes LGBTQI+ issues from school topics of sex, family and relationships, when you begin to feel different to ‘the norm’, it can be very confusing. That is why it is really important to have safe, confidential spaces to openly discuss feelings.

It was also agreed that members of BAM would observe the following values:

  • be respectful towards each other
  • be mindful of a person’s pronouns and ask if unsure
  • be honest and say if there is a problem (within or outside of the group)
  • be a space where anything said or done would remain confidential and never be shared outside of the group (including taking photos and posting on social media)

BAM will meet every fourth Thursday in the month, with the time and place being published only on a private Facebook group and Whatsapp Chat (which have been set up to offer additional support) in order to promote the vision that BAM will be a safe space for everyone attending, including allies.


BAM (Bridlington)
Bridlington United Kingdom