Beverley Beekeepers’ Association

Beverley Beekeepers’ Association exists with two primary objectives:

  • to promote and further the craft and science of beekeeping and associated interests
  • to advance the understanding of the general public to the importance of bees both in the environment and in the economy.

The Association has around 150 members with experience from those about to start exploring the hobby to those with decades of beekeeping experience. We advise that all those who are interested in taking up beekeeping to make contact with their local association to plan the best way forward for their own circumstances. Do feel free to join us during the winter at our monthly meetings if you would like to see what we get up to.

Our experienced members are available to help, guide and nurture anyone who wishes to find out more about beekeeping and develop their skills in handling bees.

Beverley Beekeepers’ Association
Darby & Joan Hall
Cottingham HU16 4AZ
United Kingdom
Phone: 01482 65269