Bridlington Rotary Club

Bridlington Rotary Club

For many years Rotary was a male only organisation, but we now welcome ladies with open arms – if you’ll pardon the expression!

We are changing!

Earlier this year we had a little bit of soul searching amongst our members and we came up with several initiatives to make Rotary more appealing to more people.

We have changed!

Although our club meets twice monthly on a Tuesday Evening we realise this will not suit everyone, which is why Rotary changed its attitude to attendance, making it far more flexible and attractive.

We have also started a Friends of Rotary group where people who may not be able to make the meetings can still assist with the events that we organise to benefit people locally and further afield.

Be in at the start of something new.

What we can say is that we think you will enjoy yourself like we do, not just doing the ‘charity type things’, but also having a good time at our social events, perhaps making new friends along the way. Rotary does some fabulous work throughout the world with 1.2 million helpers.

If you’d like to do your bit we would love to see you – so please get in touch.

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Bridlington Rotary Club
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