CEASE. (delivered by Remedi)

CEASE (Creating Empowerment And Self Eficacy) is a range of interventions and services provided by Remedi to address issues presented by domestic abuse for young people.

1. Educational
CEASE Educational is a 4-session programme that can be delivered one-to-one or in group settings. Each session encourages active dialogue and participation, guiding young people to recognise abusive behaviour and understand what actions or support can keep them safe.

2. Intervention
CEASE Intervention is a 4-session programme for young people who are showing signs of abusive or controlling behaviour. It is delivered one-to-one, and encourages the young person to be accountable for their actions and express themselves safely.

3. Mentoring
CEASE Mentoring is a flexible, person-centred 12-week support for young people who have experienced domestic abuse or are deemed to be at risk of abuse. A restorative domestic abuse practitioner will mentor and guide them through personal and practical support.

4. Families
Together Families is a semi-structured 12- week intervention for families where a young person is using violence and/or controlling behaviour towards a parent or carer. Through communication and education regarding abuse, we support families in restorative approaches to encourage a safer environment.


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CEASE. (delivered by Remedi)
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