Combat Ju-Jitsu North – Driffield

The clubs continue this legacy by offering a friendly environment where students can develop their personal and communication skills as well as their martial art skills
The type of ju-jitsu taught at the club is a  non-competitive system that is based on Goshin or Kano Ju-jitsu.  Many of the tricks you will learn at the club will utilise strikes, holds and throws in order to disarm or restrain your opponent.
All students under the age of 18 must have all the initial documentation signed by a parent or guardian prior to the start of their training and the first lesson will be free.
All black belt instructors are insured and CRB checked via our National Governing Body NAKMAS and the club holds East Riding Club Accreditation.


Mixed classes are Sundays

Combat Ju-Jitsu North – Driffield
Sports Centre
Driffield YO25 5HZ
United Kingdom
Phone: 07887 845064