Cottingham bridge club

Cottingham bridge club in Humberside is a great location where you can come together with similar like minded people who want to get together and push a few playing cards around the green felt.

Cottingham bridge club are always looking for new members particularly young new members. Bridge clubs need new life bringing into them, so young students emerging out of college or university are the best persons to sign up to a bridge club. Bridge is a fantastic pastime that helps stimulate the mind, as a consequence the mechanics in the game can keep a debate going on for hours because of just one hand alone!

Most bridge clubs now make available training to new members – usually for a slight fee to pay a teacher who will teach like minded newbies how to take part in the best playing card game of them all. Cottingham bridge club like all clubs also present different days / nights for different standards of play so selected nights will be stronger than others.

Cottingham bridge club
Darby & Joan Hall
Cottingham HU16 4AZ
United Kingdom
Phone: 01482 845873