Cottingham Wild Spaces Group

Cottingham Wild Spaces Group are enthusiasts who love our village, they give of their time and efforts as volunteers freely. They have been busy for over 20 years tending, planting and cleaning up our wild spaces. They keep it looking natural, with the eyes of garden planners who want it to look as if it “just happened”. You can see the evidence of their work around Station Walk and on the Station platforms. The Group pick up rubbish from litter louts and plastic bags from dirty dog owners who feel they can just bag it and drop it!. The most heinous are people who steal plants knowing they have been placed there by the Group. Please come and join the Wild Spaces Group. You will be made most welcome.

Cottingham Wild Spaces Group
Cottingham Station
Cottingham HU16 4LL
United Kingdom
Phone: 01482 841967