Dancing Eye Sydrome Support Trust

Dancing Eye Sydrome Support Trust  – The Dancing Eye syndrome support trust  was formed in 1988 with the principal aim of providing a link for parents of children with D.E.S. both locally and nationally. The Dancing Eye Syndrome Trust provides support and information to families of children with Dancing Eye Syndrome. The Dancing Eye Syndrome Support Group became a trust in 1997, giving parents who may feel isolated an opportunity to talk to others who are in the same situation as themselves and who may have already experienced similar problems. In this way members can provide mutual support and encouragement to parents whose children have been recently diagnosed. The trust arranges meetings for members and produces a newsletter containing information and ideas which could be useful for families.

Dancing Eye Sydrome Support Trust
Swindon SN25 1BF
United Kingdom
Phone: 01793 493131 / 07434304291
Email: support@dancingeyes.org.uk
Url: http://www.dancingeyes.org.uk