East Cottingwith Cider Group

The Cider Group was set up in 2014 to make use of the many apples grown in the village but which might, otherwise, go to waste.  This part of Yorkshire is a very good area for growing apples and the gardens of East Cottingwith host some interesting old varieties of apple as well as more recently planted specimens.  The Group hopes to learn more about how to identify apple varieties and to learn more about pruning methods as part of the activities of the Group.

The apple pressing days in both 2014 and 2015 proved to be popular events with a mixture of good fun and hard work.  Initially members of the Group pick apples from those who are willing and able to donate their surplus fruit.  On pressing day everyone mucks in to wash and chop the apples and put them through the scratting machine to make the pulp.  The pulp is then put through the presses to produce the liquid which is turned into cider or juice.

East Cottingwith Cider Group
Village Hall
East Cottingwith YO42 4TL
United Kingdom
Phone:  01759 318222 
Email: alan.bruce1@virgin.net