Fareshare Hull & Humber

Fareshare We believe that no good food should go to waste
We redistribute surplus food to charities that turn it into meals. We are doers. We are a community. We change lives.

FareShare is making a huge contribution to the resources of the thousands of community organisations we supply food to and to the services they can provide to their beneficaries. The NatCen report ‘Saving Money, Improving Lives’ demonstrates that, by receiving food from FareShare, these frontline organisations are better equipped to provide the adequate support to get people back on their feet.


One in five charities say they would have to close if FareShare stopped providing food

75% say they are better able to engage with their services users and provide them adequate support

Charities estimate it would cost them an average £7,900 a year to replace the food they get from FareShare

Fareshare Hull & Humber
Unit 10 Malmo Rd,
Hull HU7 0YF
United Kingdom
Phone: 020 7394 2468
Email: enquiries@fareshare.org.uk

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