Grace Church Bridlington

Grace Church Bridlington –  We are a community church

In addition to the outreach at Ebor Shelter (12 noon to 3pm) we are opening Jacobs Well Wednesday and Friday morning between 10am & 12 noon as a food Bank.
This is open to anyone and everyone with genuine needs.
We have food, some coats
Sleeping bags for those who are homeless, PPE for individuals and businesses that we are keen on supporting through this and various other things.
The need has increased dramatically and we are aware that other food banks are all saying the same.
Please come and see us, we can help you.
We can also help you with other things like mediation, housing searches, job searching etc.
Come and talk to us!
If you have food to donate, some good mens’ coats, sleeping bags, scarves, socks, hats etc they would be gratefully received.



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Grace Church Bridlington
1a Prospect Street
Bridlington YO15 2AE
United Kingdom
Phone: 07427853239