Hornsea Ex-servicemens Club

Hornsea Ex-Servicemen’s Club is open Daily from 12pm it has 2 bars and a function room, BT Sort, snooker, pool, darts, cards and dominoes, Bingo and Quiz nights, Featured artists at weekends. The British Legion meets here on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 8pm or 20:00 for Ex-Servicemen. Please note as we do not have a card payment facility all transactions are cash only. £10.00 12 month membership – All Welcome

Hornsea Ex-servicemens Club
Hornsea Ex-servicemens Club
Back Southgate
Hornsea HU18 1BA
United Kingdom
Phone: 01964 534230
Email: jane@hornseaexservicemensclub.co.uk
Url: https://www.hornseaexservicemensclub.co.uk/