The School Sports Partnership

The School Sport Partnership is a network of 45 primary schools, 9 secondary schools and 1 special school.

The School Sport Partnership is managed by the Partnership Development Manager and currently has 7 SSCo’s (School Sport Coordinators).

The network was created in 2003 as part of the original School Sport Partnership Government Initiative. 10 years on and the partnership continues to thrive despite the Government funding being removed. Our structure has been retained and adapted to provide our member schools with opportunities through the new Government School Games Programme.


What do we do?

Each year the School Sport Coordinators provide their cluster of schools with a range of participation and competitive opportunities that feed directly into our regional SSP finals along with next level of the Humber School Games Programme.

Through the network the partnership also offers teachers a selection of training courses, whole school training, one to one support and guidance, school resources, coaching in schools and additional events for both pupils and staff.

As a partnership we are committed to providing an inclusive, varied and high quality PE and School Sport experience.

The School Sports Partnership
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