The Hinge Centre

The Hinge centre is a small, local charity based in the heart of the Havenfield estate and committed to offering support and services to the local community. We operate an open door policy at the centre and work in a professional yet non-judgemental manner.

The Hinge run Us Girls, a youth inclusion project for girls, on Wednesday evenings.

Our aim is to provide support, guidance, services and opportunities to those facing social and financial deprivation. The Hinge Centre is committed to ensuring support is available to some of the most vulnerable members of society.

We provide opportunities and services for the residents of the estate to help build community relationships, provide positive role models and assist with positive promotion of the Havenfield estate and Bridlington as a whole.

The Hinge Centre
19-21 Field Road
Bridlington YO16 4AU
United Kingdom
Phone: 01262 679671