Tokui Karate Union

We are a Wado-Ryu Karate Union, established since November 1994 with several clubs in the Hull and East Riding area. Our union is a full member of the English Karate Federation and is the Official Governing Body for karate recognised by the British, European and World Karate Federations. At a local level all of the TKU clubs are ERCAS accredited.

The purpose of Karate training is to develop and maintain health and strength, both physical and mental, to teach good manners, self-discipline and mutual respect between Karate-Ka and others and to encourage decency and respect between all members of society.

Take a look around our site – it contains a huge resource of information that will be useful if you’re just starting out, or need to brush up on your techniques.

Tokui Karate Union
Mitchell Community Centre,
Goodrich Close,
Hull United Kingdom