West Hull Gymnastics Club

At West Hull Gymnastics Club we are passionate about gymnastics! Our classes aim to cater for everyone from toddlers to adults of any ability (or none!) Founded in 2010, we want everyone to enjoy their classes, making steady progress to be the best they can be, no matter what level they practice at – a child mastering a forward roll on their own is as much an achievement as a more advanced gymnast landing their first Shushunova! We care about teaching good technique but we also know how to make things fun. Your or your child’s well-being, now and in the future, is our prime concern and our coaching practice reflects that.

West Hull Gymnastics Club
Tigers Trust Arena West Park,
Walton St,
Hull HU3 6GA
United Kingdom
Phone: 01482 325847
Email: info@westhullgymnastics.co.uk
Url: https://westhullgymnastics.co.uk/