Wolds and Riverbank Countryside Society

Brough – Wolds and Riverbank Countryside Society

The society meets regularly through the year with a varied programme of events

Members are mainly from Elloughton cum Brough,  Welton and  Brantingham with some from more distant parts of East Yorkshire.  Many of the original members from 1996 are still active but new members are always welcome.

In the local environment we have planted trees, we organise litter picking and we own an area of woodland and meadow dedicated as a nature reserve and popular with local residents as an attractive amenity.

Our programme during Autumn and Winter consists mostly of illustrated talks by visiting speakers and in the Spring and Summer mostly of outdoor events including fungus forays,  bird watching,  mothing at night and butterfly walks.  Visits to places of interest to ecologists and environmentalists are arranged as well as a series of litter pickings in the area.


Wolds and Riverbank Countryside Society
Welton Memorial Hall
Welton HU15 1ND
United Kingdom
Phone: 01482 668064 
Email: john@goodman57.karoo.co.uk
Url: https://warcs.org.uk/