Wolds Gliding Club

A glider is an extremely efficient (engineless) aircraft. Once towed up into the sky a glider can stay up for hours, travel hundreds of miles, climb thousands of feet and speed along at well over 100mph – all using the natural energy in the sky. Some can even do loops and fly upside down!

Here at Wolds Gliding Club we are somewhat obsessed with the sport and would love to share it with you. Why not come down for a trial flight or take a course and learn to pilot one of these amazing aircraft yourself.

Almost anyone can fly a glider (subject to some height and weight restrictions.) You can start learning from the age of 12, fly solo at 14 and we have members still flying well into their eighties.

Wolds Gliding Club
Wolds Gliding Club
The Airfield
Pocklington YO42 1NP
United Kingdom
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