Bridlington Talking Newspaper

Bridlington Talking Newspaper – Bridlington Talking Newspaper is a recording of stories and features from the Bridlington Free Press, Hull Daily Mail and Yorkshire Post which goes out every fortnight to nearly 120 people in and around Bridlington. The organisation was set up in 1989 for people who have difficulty reading a newspaper due to sight problems or other difficulties such as Parkinson’s Disease or Arthritis.Contact for more details.


What do we do?

The Federation was formed specifically:

  • To provide information, guidance and help to local Talking Newspapers across the UK.
  • To help Talking Newspapers provide a comprehensive local news service to blind and partially sighted people.
  • To provide people with information and contact details.
  • To campaign at a National level on related issues on behalf of local Talking Newspapers.

What do local Talking Newspapers provide?

Local Talking Newspapers support blind and partially sighted people by providing:

  •  An audio recording of their local newspaper.
  •  Audio recordings of articles of interest from local and national magazines
  •  Local information on events.
Bridlington Talking Newspaper
2 Lamplugh Road
Bridlington YO15 2JU
United Kingdom
Phone: 01262 676709