North Ferriby All Saints’ Church Bellringers

All Saints’ bell-ringers practice on Wednesday each week from 7.30pm until 9pm.  They ring on Sunday mornings from 9.50am until 10.30am to signify the start of a service and at other special services such as weddings.  The bells are also rung at times of national joy or sorrow, for example at New Year or following the death of a monarch.

What is bell ringing?
Church bell ringingtechnically known as campanology, is the art of sounding a bell by pulling on a rope connected to a bell in the church’s tower.  A bell-ringer may only safely ring one bell at one time so to ring six bells, six bell-ringers are needed.  Bell-ringers learn numerical sequences and work together to create a peal.  The way the bells are rung is usually suited to the mood of the event.

North Ferriby All Saints’ Church Bellringers
North Ferriby All Saints Church
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North Ferriby HU14 3DA.
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